Book Review: Mine to Protect

    MINE TO PROTECT: A Forbidden Love Mafia Romance by Emily A. Myers Release Date: December 1st Genre/Tropes: Mafia Romance/ Romantic Suspense /Forbidden Love /Enemies to Lovers   MINE TO PROTECT by Emily A. Myers is NOW LIVE!   Grab this all-new forbidden love mafia romance TODAY!   NOW AVAILABLE! Amazon: Amazon INTL:         Add to Goodreads:       Blurb: Alister Amato is rich, powerful, and feared by all who know the truth. He’s the Blood King, a mafia boss with a lust for blood and an infinite reach. Everything in me screams I should stay away. But when my Organized Crime Task Force is called to investigate the slaughter of a rival criminal syndicate, I know that isn’t an option. The way the men were killed is something I’ve only seen once before—eighteen years ago when my mother was murdered and I was orphaned. I don’t know how my mother wound up in the clutches of the mafia. But, after all this time, I will stop at nothing to discover the truth. Even if it means aligning myself with the dangerous, mysterious, and undeniably handsome, Blood King. They call me King, but I am nothing but a prisoner. The world of darkness I belong to has stolen everything from me—my mother, my sister, my happiness, my freedom. Most of all, it has stolen my ability to love. If it weren’t for my sister, Sophia, I would walk away from the throne I never wanted and let New Orleans burn. But even that would not set me free. My name and my blood have placed a target on my back and cursed anyone who stands beside me to the same fate. Which is why when FBI agent Ariana Valentine weasels her way into my life and heart, I do everything I can not to fall for her. My love is a death sentence. And, after everything this world has taken from me, I won’t let it take her too. Even if it means I have to walk away from the only woman I’ve ever allowed myself to love.    

My Review
Another great book from author, Emily Myers. Once, I started reading, i could not stop. I literally finished this book in one day. Although, I am not surprised as I would not expect anything less from reading a book by Emily. She knows how to write engaging characters that do tug at your heartstrings. If you love Mafia romances, you do need to check out this book.

I truly felt for Alister and his sister, Sophia. What they endured as a family would tear them down but build them up again to be stronger than ever. While Alister and Ariana may be the main leads; Sophia shows that she is just as strong when she does make appearances. She truly is the glue that holds her and Alister together.

The romance between Alister and Ariana is steamy. Yet, it does not overpower the storyline. I like that it was not too much. This way it allowed Ariana to shine as well as a strong, independent woman. Who showed that she could stand alongside Alister.

About the Author: Emily A. Myers is an award-winning author of romantic suspense. Her published titles include the Unspeakable duet made up of two romantic thriller novels which have been described as a combination "of Nicholas Sparks’ deeply emotive writing and the twisted, traumatic themes of the Netflix series ’The Sinner.’” Emily’s upcoming release, Mine to Protect, complements her first two novels with similarly dark and emotional themes, but with much more romance and swoon-worthy scenes set in the dangerous yet glamorous world of the New Orleans mafia. When not writing, Emily enjoys traveling, devouring the latest Netflix series, and scouring the shelves of Sephora.     

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