Book Review: The Target


All I wanted was a break from my small town life. Not to be stuck driving across the country with my older brother's gorgeous, infuriating best friend. Charming, cocky federal agent Scott Dunn is back in my life. And I hate him.

Four years ago, Scotty was the center of every one of my fantasies. He was funny, kind, and eleven years older than me–a protector. But one ill-timed confession and he vanished from my life without so much as a goodbye.

Now I am called to testify against the men who kidnapped me and the gorgeous, infuriating man I tried so hard to forget is assigned to protect me. I want answers and he refuses to give them.

But as much as he claims to hate me too, I see the way his eyes linger on my skin. How his hands itch to reach out. He understands me in a way I’ve never let another man get close enough to know. My scars, physical and emotional, are a constant reminder of the girl I used to be.

A girl I try to forget.

As we travel across the country, the tension and simmering heat becomes unbearable. He’s pushing me outside my comfort zone while I’m desperately searching for control––until I realize Scott is more than willing to give it to me.

Once this is over, I know he’ll disappear again. But for now, he’s surrendering his control, and I'm going to take it.

My Review

This is the story I was waiting for ever since reading these books. Which if, you love grumpy romance stories with engaging characters that will tug at your heart strings and find a place in your heart, you have to check out this series by Lena Hendrix.

Gemma showed so much strength. It was not easy to be a big witness in a very important case, but she did it. Luckily, she had Scott by her side. He was her "white knight". He would go to the ends of the world to protect Gemma. Gemma and Scott's story was all sorts of emotional feelings. In the end Gemma achieved her dream and got her man.


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