Book Review: Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia

**Now an award-winning book**

Do your kids love exploring new places and getting lost in their imagination? Do they enjoy cool technology?

The first book in the Travel Rangers series takes adventurous readers on a mission through Australia, where they will swim in the Great Barrier reef, climb the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge, meet some new animals, and even learn some fun Australian words and phrases.

Not only will kids enjoy learning about Australia, but augmented reality (AR) technology brings the book to life so everyone reading can truly experience Australia. Your kids won't want to miss this adventure!

Perfect for kids ages 4-9 years old who are ready to become Travel Rangers with Kayden, Bella, James, and Hannah and uncover the many wonders of Australia with each page they turn.

Created to teach kids about other cultures and countries, this series is both parent- and teacher-approved with a healthy dose of learning and cultural immersion amidst equal parts of fun. Teachers will especially love the included lesson plans!

Become a fellow Travel Ranger today and experience the adventure of a lifetime, one mission at a time!

My Review

Talk about bring a story to life. This book does it with the technology of augmented reality (AR). there are embedded codes on the book cover and throughout the book. Not every page but a handful have the code. So, with the app that is easy to download on your phone, you are able to bring this book to life.

My niece is six and she really had an enjoyable time with this book. She read it several times. Which is very smart that this book had this type of technology. It helped to engage young readers to read books.


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