Book Review: Mister Stark


He’s the prick in her side. She’s marrying his son. One fling can change everything.

Bride-to-be Celeste drops out of university to live a secure, luxurious life with her billionaire fiancé. She wants a predictable lifestyle, and he promises her happiness, but his father doesn’t.

Billionaire Daxon Stark is the CEO of D.S. Industries. He’s a silver fox and takes what he wants. His drive to destroy his gold digger daughter-in-law starts a twisted game, and he meets his match. Her kissable curves are something he shouldn’t want, and her sass intrigues him.

But Celeste stumbles upon betrayal and lands in Daxon’s bed. A romance ignites between enemies and she carries a secret. She’s pregnant. Can forbidden love overcome all odds?

My Review

I was in the mood to read an age gap story. Breanne delivers with her newest book in this series with Daddy Daxon. I was not sure about him in the beginning because of his gruff demeanor but he surprised me by how gentle he was with Celeste. Yet, he commanded authority at the same time. Which, Celeste was just fine letting Daddy Daxon call the shots.

The intense tension between Daxon and Celeste in the beginning just made the chemistry between these two ever hotter. Who does not lover an enemies to lovers story; especially one that is also an age gap story. A double delight for sure. Each book in this series just gets better and better. Mister Stark is a yummy bowl of ice cream with whip cream and a cherry on top!


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