Park Avenue Princess


All I ever wanted to do was please my parents. But when I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I stopped trying and did as I pleased for the first time in my life.
Was I a spoiled princess? Far from it. But I did take a vacation. And met a stranger I think I fell in love with. Worse, it terrified me and I ran. Like a coward.
Imagine my shock when I learn he’s right here in New York City.

Guy Hamilton is the man I could never stop thinking about, and when our paths cross again, I learn it’s been the same for him.
While we work to uncover a corruption scandal involving both our parents, startling revelations come to light, and our world is turned upside-down.

Will our love be enough to remain unscathed and come out on top together?

** Trigger warning: this book contains explicit sexual scenes and emotional discussion of abortion and suicide attempt.

My Review

Calling all romance readers; grab your passport and book your flight...relax and enjoy this spicy read by Laura Baird. Guy makes me want to go to a destination vacation and have a fling with a handsome, mystery stranger.

The chemistry between Lynne and Guy is undeniable. If I was an eyeglass wearer, my glasses would have fogged up. These two are so good together. Don't let the title fool you as Lynne is anything but stuck up. She is smart and has a kind heart. 

I listened to this book via audiobook. Yet, whether you read the ebook, physical or audiobook, you will want to make sure this one is on your radar to read. 


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