Mr. Pink


Half Swedish and half English, Mr. Pink is sexy, sophisticated, and hellbent on brutal revenge. His devastating good looks, impeccable pedigree, and enviable self-esteem allow Mr. Pink to play by his own rules. While jet-setting between Stockholm and London, this sociopathic magazine publisher is planning revenge on a narcotics kingpin. As he springs the perfect trap to redeem his painful past, Mr. Pink takes readers on a lusty, action-packed adventure.

For Mr. Pink, sex is a way to manipulate others and gets what he wants. He uses every trick in the book—and invents some new ones—to play his lovers like a finely crafted instrument. That is until Andreas. When an emotionally wounded Swedish journalist crosses his path, they enter into a volatile, passionate relationship. As the two men lay bare their vulnerabilities, Mr. Pink must confront his reflection and wonder if he likes what he sees.

My Review

I liked this book. In regards to it fitting in the LGBTQ genre it is a nice addition. Although, it is on the mild side of "romance" or "sexual encounters". Which in the beginning there were some scenes that were "hot". Yet, with the book being this way, it makes it so that everyone; no matter their sexual orientation can enjoy reading this book. 

However, I must admit that I did want more "meat" to the story. What I mean is that it read kind of like. I was expecting more intrigue and backstabbing moments from Mr. Pink. He did not get to be the boss that he was without stepping on some people. So, I figured he would be a bit more in your face with his "revenge". Instead it was more subtle. While, I may not have loved this book, I still did find it enjoyable and would read another one from this author. 


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