The Trade

The muscles, the chiseled faces, the masculine posturing, and the tight pants all make her heart pound, and since her high school days stealing kisses from the varsity running back, she’s a bad girl that’s been hooked on the guys of the gridiron. She’s addicted to these dudes, and she’s not the only one. She’s one of a group of local girls who go out together and try to score with these guys every chance they get.

So, yes, Tyra’s a jersey chaser. But when she meets the hunky big name quarterback who was traded to the team, she’s met her match. He’s handsome, smart, and sweet, and he and Tyra have a lot in common – including a growing desire to settle down.

As their relationship heats up, Tyra will consider swapping out her football groupie ways for a real relationship. But that’s not going to happen if her past doesn’t block her happily ever after from happening.

My Review

Tyra and her best girlfriends are all about the men in players that is. Tyra and her friends are familiar with all of the guys on the team as well as surrounding teams. Tyra never dates the same guy twice. However, when she meets Kevin; she makes an exception. Kevin shows Tyra that she was smart to give him more than one shot.

This book could have taken a turn to really raunchy but the author did a good job of making sure it didn't go that way. Yet, this book is between a sweet romance and an erotic one. It does bring some heat. In the beginning I was not sure about the book as I did find Tyra and her friends to be a bit too superficial. Luckily, I did warm up to Tyra. I had no problems with Kevin.

If you are looking for a fast read with a dash of spice, than you may want to pick up a copy of this book. 


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