Night, Chère

Arcadia is a seemingly forgotten stretch of road in deep Louisiana that breathes libation and sexual prowess in the surrounding waters of the bayou. It is a town of intrigue and mystery. It is a town where ghost stories begin and people disappear without a second thought. Arcadia amorously welcomes the occasional traveler - as long as that traveler moves on through. For those who stay...Well, ‘Night, Chère

Chase Fuller is hell-bent on purchasing the Bellefont Plantation House and has traveled from Nashville to see it in person. What he isn't prepared for is Lenora and Bridgette Theroit. Lenora is the youngest with a flaring temper that comes with irreconcilable consequences. Bridgette is the amorous sister who is both protector of Lenora and the eyes of Arcadia and its secrets.

Join Chase and his exploits to find one of the most alluring mansions of the old south. As well as the tragedy that comes to a town forgotten to history.

The Arcadia Stories follow the life of a lost jewel in southern history - one of superstition, mystery and the allure of sexuality.

My Review

It has been a while since I have read an erotica novel. This book does feature the sex but it is tasteful. Not pornish. The scenes are not drawn out. Although, Chase was quick to have sex with Lenora; despite the fact that he has a fiancé back home. If Chase really loved his fiancé he would not have been tempted right away. I mean yes, it is given that Chase would have sex as this is an erotica novel but I would have liked the fact that he not jump someone's bones right away within the first few moments of meeting them.

Sisters Bridgette and Lenora are some wild cards. You don't want to turn your back on these ladies. They may look like honey but they come with a dash of chili pepper. For a short story, this is a quick, good read. I did not see the ending coming. A surprise that has left me wanting to read the next book in this series.


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