It’s been five years since Livy and her family have visited Livy’s grandmother in Australia. Now that she’s back, Livy has the feeling she’s forgotten something really, really important about Gran’s house.

It turns out she’s right.

Bob, a short, greenish creature dressed in a chicken suit, didn’t forget Livy, or her promise. He’s been waiting five years for her to come back, hiding in a closet like she told him to. He can’t remember who—or what—he is, where he came from, or if he even has a family. But five years ago Livy promised she would help him find his way back home. Now it’s time to keep that promise.

Clue by clue, Livy and Bob will unravel the mystery of where Bob comes from, and discover the kind of magic that lasts forever.

Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead, two masterminds of classic, middle-grade fiction come together to craft this magical story about the enduring power of friendship.

My Review

This book may be written for the middle grade level readers but I too enjoyed this book. In fact, you could say that I was absolutely over the moon in love with this book.

Bob is great. Everyone needs a Bob in their lives. I loved that while Livy was more grown than when she left Bob five years ago; she was not above playing with childish items including Bob. Although, Bob is not like a stuffed animal that a child plays with and forgets.

While there was no interaction between Livy's grandma and Bob; I kind of have a feeling that she was aware of him. The authors do a great job of telling this story. There are not a lot of huge words used; therefore, it makes it easy for the younger readers to read this book on their own with little intervention from adults. Bob will always hold a special place in my heart. This book is an absolute pure delightful read!


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