Brooklyn Astronaut: Jamuel's Journey to the Moon

Brooklyn Astronaut is about a eight year old African American boy name Jamal, who's inspiration is to travel to the moon, when he grows up.

My Review

This is a fun and educational book. A really good children's book. Jamuel and his friends are enjoyable. There is a nice diverse of Jamuel's friends. The illustrations were great. Very colorful and helped to bring the story to life.

Young readers will like this book. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut. The idea of traveling into space is thrilling. Yet, I can tell you that I never gave much thought into the concept that math and science really played important parts in being an astronaut.

Additionally, Jamuel and his friends learned when the Moon is close to the Earth it causes warm temperatures in the ocean's water. As well as the fact that parts of the Moon are cold and warm due to the lack of the Sun's reflection on the surface.


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