Night Rain, Tokyo

Is it a powerful idea or just a pipe dream?

In the year 2019, from Washington, D.C., to Napa, California, to Tokyo, Brad Oaks pursues an ingenious international trade proposal that would rescue a family steel business and a scarce natural resource. He has conceived of a way to unravel bureaucratic snarls that stymie the Wishbone Pipeline project so crucial to his client, Elgar Steel. New to the Washington lobbying scene, Brad immediately encounters resistance at the muzzle of a sniper’s rifle.

Just when he tries to pitch his proposal to the United States trade representative, the Elgar family is thrown into turmoil, and Brad must fly to Tokyo to chase down a previously unknown heir to the family business. That heir turns out to be Amaya Mori, a Japanese woman of sophistication, intellect, and beauty. Brad is smitten. He and all three heirs to Elgar Steel become targets in a capricious, international plot to sabotage America’s infrastructure. It doesn’t help matters that two of them, twin sisters, are at odds over the Wishbone pipe dream.

Brad’s heroic effort to restore order brings him face to face with his own stark solitude. Diplomacy, danger and desire collide in this suspenseful, fast-paced geopolitical business thriller ripped right out of next year’s newspapers.

My Review

I liked this book. It definitely had the international thriller vibes going for it. The story had a nice, steady pace. Plus, there was action. More so when you get more than a third of the way into the storyline.

Brad is the main lead or one of the main leads. He is helped with Sarah Jane. She and her sister, June are from the Elgar family. I thought that Sarah was a good, strong, female lead. Brad is good too but I wanted him to be more assertive than he was. This is a lot of the issue I had with this book personally. I enjoyed the storyline and the location of Tokyo but try as I might; I had issues fully embracing and finding that emotional human connection to the characters. This is just me as many other readers thoroughly enjoyed this book. So check it out for yourself.


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