Sierra is a successful real estate agent living a comfortable life. But she has a secret so painful that she has erected emotional walls around her heart that block anyone from getting close.

Then the dreams begin. In one, Sierra is running from the sound of dogs barking and men chasing her in the darkness; in another, she’s in a field, lashes coming down on her back; in many, she is a woman of faith named Dorothy, fighting for civil rights. Sierra tries to ignore the dreams and continue with life as usual—but the more she disregards them , the longer and deeper she sleeps, and soon the long nights begin to affect her work and sanity. Finally, she seeks the help she needs.

The more she works to understand the nature of and reason for her dreams, the more freedom Sierra feels in her own life. Doors to relationships with other people open. She meets a client that could be the love of her life. And soon, she has a decision to make: she can be who she has always been, living in fear; or she can be Dorothy, allow the dreams to show her who she really is, reconnect with God, and fill the void in her spirit.

My Review

I liked the concept for this book. Sierra having dreams or flash backs to another time where she is Dorothy, a slave. At first I didn't understand the reason for the dreams but I was still intrigued. When you put the two stories together, you get a very interesting story. Otherwise, if you were to separately compare the two women; Dorothy was more intriguing to me.

As the story went on, I found I couldn't stop reading. Due to the concept of the storyline. As I got to know Sierra better, I felt for her but not as strongly as I would have wanted. Although, Sierra is relatable. In a way, I think we can all relate to her and our faith in God. At a point in time, many of us may have felt like we wanted to lose or have lost faith in God. However, as Sierra learned, God was always there with her. Denese Shelton is a nice voice for women authors.

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Mystica said…
I like the concept of two lifetimes.

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