The Night She Got Lucky

Ginger Garrison is a single mother, thanks to finding her ex-husband in bed with another woman. Bride’s made dresses can be killer. Take it from Ginger, who knows first hand. Ginger went outside to get some fresh air when she fainted into the arms of a handsome man.

Lucio “Lucky” Montevez used to be a very famed photographer. He was the most requested photographer. He would travel all over the world taking pictures of unique wildlife. Due to an unfortunate incident, Lucky is now let shooting pictures for weddings.

Lucky offers to photograph Ginger and her dog. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship or something more?

The Night She Got Lucky is a lucky day for readers. It is like scoring the jack pot. I really pleasantly enjoyed this book. I thought Ginger’s naiveness to Lucky’s charm and charisma was sweet and funny. Lucky and Ginger were gold together. The chemistry between them was smoking hot. There were so many laughs to be had in this book. Lucky can take my picture any day. He is so good looking. Susan Donovan has won me over with this book. I plan to keep reading her books.


naida said…
Sounds like a good beach read. Great review :)

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