Masked is more of an inside look into what makes a superhero in their truest form. So if you are looking for lots of action and adventure then you may be a little disappointed. I mean there was some fighting going on but I was expecting this anthology to be like the comics and television series I grew up with. Though, I have to say that I did really like some of the stories featured like: Where Their Worm Dieth Not (kind of like the stories I was used to reading. Also it reminded me some of the Twilight Zone), Secret Identity, Avatar and Call Her Savage.

I am not saying that some of the other stories weren’t bad but this is one time where I felt that the stories were too short. They were just start getting going and then the story would end. The more human aspect of the superheroes was nice to see where these characters come from and who they are. Though, I was introduced me to a bunch of new writers. Overall, Masked didn’t reveal itself to me, in order to fully enjoy this anthology.


Booklover said…
Hey! first time here. Nice to land on a fellow booklovers blog!

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Man of la Books said…
To be honest, that book sounds pretty good. I used to read comics but stopped several years ago, but I still like the genre.

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