Lacey Terwilliger probably never would have known her husband was having an affair with his receptionist, if it hadn’t been for Cherry Glick delivering Lacey a bouquet of flowers with a signed card that says “To my Bumblebee, Happy Anniversary, with all my love, The Stinger. Lacey decided the best way to get even was to send a slanderous email to every one in Lacey’s email address book about her cheating husband, Mike. Unfortunately for Lacey, she forgot to remove Mike’s parents, Lacey’s parents and her pastor from the email before she sent it. Now everyone is putting in their two cents. Lacey needs to get away from it all for a while. She heads to her family’s cabin. Lacey quickly realizes that she is not alone.

Monroe is renting the next door cabin. Monroe never expected his first meeting with Lacey to be a disaster. Soon, Monroe and Lacey become fast friends and maybe a little more then friends. Will Lacey give love a second chance?

And One Last Thing…by Molly Harper is a fun, light-hearted, summer, chick-lit novel. Molly Harper is the author of the Nice Girls Don’t series. And One Last Thing is Mrs. Harper’s first book that is not part of her Nice Girls Don’t series. I truly enjoyed this book. Right from the get go, I was laughing. Lacey won my heart with her take no prisoners’ attitude. If I has been as scorned as she was, I might have done the same thing. Lacey and Morgan’s on again, off again friendship/relationship was very entertaining, especially Lacey and Morgan’s first meet and greet. Morgan got more then an eye full of Lacey, he even copped a feel. Some other people I found funny were Lacey’s brother, Emmett and his friends. They told Lacey how it was and held nothing back. If you like Molly Harper, then you are going to love her new look with And One Last Thing. There is one last thing…make sure you pick up a copy of this book today.


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Quirky and nice!

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