Can you Beat the Reaper

First I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day and if you don't celebrate, I hope you have a great rest of the week.

My treat to you is a brand new book that you will want to add to your wish list to get when it releases in January 2009.

Peter Brown is not your normal Manhattan ER doctor. When it comes to skeletons in the closest, he has tons. One of those skeletons he forced him to enter into the Witness Protection Program. Peter has been fighting with his demons for years. Peter was ready to start his day out like any other morning…with a walk in the park but there he gets mugged, than he receives an invite by a sexy pharmaceutical nurse for some TLC, and finally as if Peter’s day couldn’t get any worse, he new patient has tie ins with the Mob and is someone who happens to know who Peter Brown really is from his prior life. Now Peter his to keep his new patient from dying or pay the consequences.

Josh Bazell is one of the freshest new authors I have read. Beat the Reaper starts off 2009 the right way. Peter Brown lays it all out. He holds back no punches and tells it like it is…no bullshit. This is why I like Peter. I do have to admit that at first when Peter would travel back in time to his prior life and than the present I did get a little lost but I blame this on the fact that I was so focused and into the book that the storyline ran all together for me. Once I figured out what was going on after the first time, I really got back into the story again. The footnotes that Mr. Bazell inserted throughout the book with his medical knowledge were very informative and helped add a little something extra to the book. I hope to see another book soon from Mr. Bazell.


Linda Jacobs said…
Have a great turkey day!

That book sounds good! And what an unusual cover!
naida said…
Happy Thanksgiving :)

This book does sound very good.
J. Kaye Oldner said…
Wow! What a blow-me-away review! Love it. :)

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