Night Harvest

F.J. Pervis sustains a knee injury. He wants only the best to work miracles on his knee. That is why he calls up his friend. Something goes wrong during the surgery and Pervis goes into cardiac arrest. As if things could not get worse, Pervis's body goes missing. It reappears but with one major flaw. Pervis's brain has been surgically removed. The worse part is that Pervis was alive when it was removed.

Demetri is a medical student. He is in his fourth year. He ges involved in the case of Pervis along with Detective Patrick McManus. They try to track down the killer. Demetri learns that Pervis is not the killer's first victim.

Dr. Alexiades impressed me with his first novel. It is not as gory as I might like my murder thriller books but it is still dark. Which it makes up for in this department. However most of the characters I was not feeling as much except for the exception of Demetri and Detective McManus, and of course the killer. There was not enough depth about them that kept me intrigued. I found the others to be petty and actually not too smart. Really why were Demetri and Detective McManus the only ones that could put all the clues together and figure out who the killer's identity was? Although, I have to say that I found the killer to be scary and evil and not someone that I would to meet in a back alley. The scariest part is that you might meet the killer and never know it. This was a fast read. The ending was a good one. It leads to the fact that that the author may revisit again the characters.


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