Ice Dogs is a howling good time for all ages!

Victoria owns her own dog sledding team. She is good at what she does and does not do so bad in races either. This is all thanks to Victoria's father. He taught her everything that she needs to know about having a successful dog sledding team. Sadly, Victoria's father died.

Victoria decides to take her team out for a run. Victoria comes upon a boy. He is hurt. His name is Chris. Victoria tries to get Chris home but realizes that it will be Victoria's greatest adventure yet...surviving in the wilderness.

I picked up this book to give to my nephews. I thought that they might enjoy reading about sled dogs even if the team is lead by a girl. I read this book and enjoyed it. The chapters are short and the words are easy to understand. So for the targeted age group that this book is recommended for of 10 and up, is perfect. My nephews will be able to read the book all by themselves. Plus, I did not find that the scary moments with the wolves and Victoria and Chris lost in the wilderness were too scary. I know my nephews just like me will fall in love with all of Victoria's dogs. The author has a good ability to story tell. I felt like I was there with Victoria and Chris and her dogs and could feel the cold chill. I can not wait to see what Terry comes out with next. Ice Dogs is a howling good time for all ages!


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