I became a fan of Mr. Sigler's when I first discovered his book Infected. This book was like a new beginning to creepy crawly that the movie, Arachnophobia gave to me. The movie made me check the bathroom toilet before sitting down and Infected had me checking myself in the mirror to make sure that I did not find anything that did not belong. It kept me engrossed in the book and I could not get enough of it like an addict. I knew that Mr. Sigler was a force to be reckoned with. So when I saw his newest and final book in this trilogy, Pandemic I could not wait to get my hands on a copy. Well I did.

Mr. Sigler still brings the creep factor. However my high expectations of this book were a little let down. I was not jiving with Margaret as much. I found her to be a downer and I wanted her to go away. Her husband on the other hand I was rooting for. He really loved Margaret to stick with her all the way. My favorite parts were the gore ones involving the aliens. The action was more intense. Whenever the story would flash back to the humans it seemed that my pace for reading the book would slow down. That is until I got about a third to a little more into the book and them the storyline did pick up.


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