No Surrender Soldier

Kiko is just like any other teenager. He wants to hang out with his best friend, and maybe get a kiss from his crush. Unfortunately Kiko has to keep an eye on his grandfather. His grandfather has dementia. Also Kiko learns that his mother was sexually abused. Lastly, Kiko finds a soldier hiding in his back yard.

I did really enjoy this book. It had a great human aspect to it. One that will make you feel for Kiko and his family. It may be about the military but it is more about the civilians that have to endure life as their loved ones are away fighting a war. In the beginning though I was confused by what was happening. I was trying to make all the connections and had a little bit of a hard time doing so. It took me getting about a third of the way in before I figured everything out and than was like "ok, this is a pretty good book." My favorite parts were involving Kiko, his grandfather, and the soldier. I felt the most connection with all of them.


kajal gupta said…
I’m so glad you liked this book! I’m very much looking forward to reading it! Also, that website is super cute.

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