Flowers in the Attic= Lifetime Movie

Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie Dollanganger lost their father in a car accident. Their mother tells them that they are moving in with her parents. Her parents are rich. However, their mother did something very bad and her father wrote her out of the will. She hopes to get back in his good graces. Besides her father is very sick and does not have much time left before his impending death. There is one slight problem...their mother's father can not know that they exist. They must be locked away up in the attic until the passing of their mother's father's death. Minutes turn into hours and hours into days and days into years.

It has been years since I read this book. So when I saw that the Lifetime Movie Network was going to show a movie version of this book, I had to re-read this book again. I finished this book in two days. It is a super, fast read. Reading this book reminded me of why I read so many of this author's books. Flowers in the Attic made me fall in love even more with books and cemented my admiration for V.C. Andrews! Well the past books not the current ones written by ghost writers. It seems that the current books are missing the magic in them that I enjoyed. I am not as drawn in by the story or connected with the characters. Which in this book I loved both of these things. Besides you have to love the characters otherwise you would not finish this book. It is pretty much about the four Dollanganger children. I hated the children's grandmother and mother as if I was locked up in the attic with them. I actually now want to go back and re-read the other books in this series about the Dollanganger children.


Anonymous said…
That is such a good book..A classic idea VC Andrews surely paved the way for some young adult books of today.

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