Wicked After Midnight

Before Demi met Criminy, she was just a normal "human" college student. That all changed six years ago. Criminy to save Demi's life, turned her into a blud. Demi has grown bored as a performer in Criminy's Clockwork Caravan. Criminy agrees to let Demi leave the caravan along with her friend, Cherie. Things don't go as planned when Cherie is kidnapped. Demi is lost in a new world and her friend has gone missing. There is one bright spot in Demi's world. His name is Vale Hildebrand. Vale agrees to help Demi find Cherie.

Wicked After Midnight is book three in this series. You don't really have to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this one. The reason is because the story takes place in a new location and without a lot of the other characters. So you are pretty much starting new. The only parts you will miss is not getting to witness the full background story of Demi and maybe fully understanding her rebellion. This book is really dark. Not to say that the first one wasn't. However this one showed the true underbelly of Paris. Not the sparkle and glamour.


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