The House on the Cliff

Therapist Jessica Mayhew's professional life is good but her personal life is in turmoil. Her husband cheated on her with a younger woman. Although he said it was a one time thing , Jessica can not help easily forgive and forget. That is why when her newest client, Gwydion has a freak out moment and needs Jessica's help, she decides to pay Gwydion a house visit and stay for a while. To give herself space from her husband. When Jessica arrives at the house, she learns a secret about Gwydion's family. One that drags Jessica into the mix and into danger.

I was really looking forward to reading this book. It sounded a little like it might be a gothic psychological thriller or maybe it had to do with the book cover. Sadly, I was not feeling this book as much as I had hoped to. Don't get me wrong as it is alright but none of the characters reached out and connected with me on an emotional level. In addition, I found them to be somewhat dull. I know if I had connected with the characters better then I would have liked this book more. The story line was fine as I did read this book really fast. The mystery surrounding Gwydion and his family was not really a big secret. The author tried to make the secret dark but it did not come off that way. Finally, the ending was a little of a let down.  I was like "really, this is how it is going to end regarding Jessica and Gwydion?"


Mystica said…
Difficult when we expect so much from a book and it falls flat!

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