Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century

I have to agree with one reader/reviewer, who pointed out that this is probably not the best book to jump into if you are wanting to learn about the holistic lifestyle. I am not that big into the holistic approach but I have been slowly turning this way. I think that this more natural approach is a better way then just self medication that is currently happening.

However back to the book. I found a lot of what the author was saying interesting but I had to re-read sections several times to make sense of it. The author used a lot of big words and lengthy descriptions. Even at times you could tell he was getting really into what he was talking about and would realize it and back off and quickly finish his thoughts. Still I could tell that the author was well versed in the subject matter and shared good insight. This is the type of book that you would use more as a study guide that you will reference to again and again versus one to just sit and read.


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