Mrs. Ellison does know how to serve up a good mystery novel with The Immortals!

For Detective Taylor Jackson’s part in helping to stop “The Conductor”, a horrible serial killer, Taylor has recently been reinstated. Detective Jackson is putting her team back together again. Taylor does not have much rest time before she is needed. While heading home after celebrating, Taylor receives a phone call from dispatch of a possible homicide. Detective Jackson and her team head over to the scene. While investigating, they receive another report of a homicide. Before Taylor knows it, reports of homicide are coming in from every direction. When it is all said and done, there are eight young teenage bodies. Each one with strange occult symbols carved into their bodies. Can Taylor piece together all the pieces before the killer strikes again?

The Immortals is the fifth Taylor Jackson novel. The Immortals I thought was a bit darker and grittier than the prior novels. It moved slower than the other ones. While I started this series with reading book three and have enjoyed every book since, I must admit that this book took me a little longer to get into than usual. Not saying that this book was bad as it was up to par with the rest of the prior novels. Detective Jackson is one tough cookie. She can hang with the big boys. No matter how big or scary the killer is…Taylor always makes sure to get her man. Mrs. Ellison does know how to serve up a good mystery novel with The Immortals! I can not wait to read the next Taylor Jackson novel.


Marce said…
Oh this does sound good, I should really start this series, I think i have the 1st downloaded on my Kindle and I can't decide what to read, maybe it will be this.

Great review
Cheryl said…
Marce- I think you will really enjoy this series.

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