The Texicans

I want to thank Nina Vida for sending me a copy of her book to review.

This story spans from 1843 to 1854. It takes place in Texas. A time when people were traveling to Texas looking to lay claim to land and make a life of their own.

Aurelia and her family were traveling to Chihuahua to get away from the disease of cholera, when they came upon an old woman. She could barely walk but after coming in contact with Aurelia, she got up and walked away. Her father comes up with the idea to pass Aurelia off as a healer. People come from all over to pay Aurelia to cure them. One of those people is a man named Willie Barnett, a Texas Ranger.

Joseph Kimmel receives a letter from a Cyril McCorkle, writing him to let him know that she will keep her brother's possessions till he arrives in Texas. His brother passed. In the letter, Cyril also mentions that she would be happy to be partners with him, if he decides to stay in Texas. Joseph sets out for Texas. Joseph ends up meeting and marrying a young woman by the name of Katrin. Joseph doesn't really love Katrin but it does it more as a friendly gesture. Down the road, Joseph spots the most beautiful woman, he has ever laid eyes on. Her name is Aurelia. He becomes infatuated with her. Causing Joseph and Katrin to become distant with one another.

The Mexicans by Nina Vida is what I have been looking for but didn't realize it till now. What a lovely, heart-felt, gripping, emotional story. Nina incorporates all different cultures in this book...from Mexicans, Whites and Native Americans. This novel reminded me of the movie Dances with Wolves. It told a great story but at the same time is a classic. While I liked Aurelia and Katrin, I had to get warmed up to Joseph. This is because of the way he treated Katrin. I understood his feelings told Aurelia but at the same time Katrin stood by him the whole time and he didn't see her for what she was...a wonderful woman, who just needed a little polishing off. Remember to check out this book the next time you are book shopping.

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Julie P. said…
I thought this one looked really good! Glad that you enjoyed it!

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