The Unit

Dorrit Weger has just turned fifty. A time when most people are thinking about what they are going to do when they retire. Well Dorrit doesn't have to worry about that. She has agreed to leave her home and move into an apartment at the Second Reserve Bank Unit. A place that houses women over fifty and men over sixty, who are childless. The Unit sets them up till their time is up. The catch is that the men and women agree to be test subjects as well as organ donors. The Unit will care and provide for Dorrit and the rest of the group till their last organ donation.

For Dorrit the agreement to live out her last years at the Unit would be just fine with her. That is till she met someone. His name is Johannes. He is a fellow writer like Dorrit and he has being living at the Unit for a while. Dorrit never expected to meet anyone, especially someone like Johannes. Dorrit learns that her sister, Siv used to life at the Unit as well. Siv like Dorrit fell in love with someone as well. Unfortunately there was no happy ending for Siv and her lover. After Dorrit hears about Siv, she starts to have second thoughts about living at the Unit and what her and Johannes future may hold for them.

Have you ever wondered where exactly are the lines being crossed when it concerns science and humanity? This question is brought into play in The Unit. Author Ninni Holmqvist brings a creative and refreshing outlook to what we as a society will do for science as well as love. I picked up this book and instantly became spellbound. I found I couldn't tear myself away from this book and finished it in one afternoon. The characters where real people that you could relate to and experience a bond with. So if you are looking for something new to read then you have to check out The Unit today.


What an intriguing concept!
Teddy Rose said…
Wonderful review! I just received this book as well and look forward to reading it.
Maureen K. said…
Wow I saw this book at Borders and it seemed intriguing but passed it up for I think I'll make the trip back tomorrow to pick up this one. Thanks for a great review!
Sounds really interesting, I'm definitely gonna check this one out!

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