Trick or Treat?

I recently finished reading a book by Cheryl Dragon that I think is a great Halloween read.

Kevin was Zach’s boyfriend and lover. Kevin had the perfect body and dark hair. Zach loved watching Kevin move and Zach could never stop himself from running his hands all over Kevin’s body. There is just only other thing, Zach also loves women…actually make that one woman in particular and her name is Abby. Zach and Abby have been best friends since college but Zach and Abby never hooked up. Abby has teased about having a three some. Zach is ready to make Abby’s fantasy a reality.

The male/male/female combination is a first for Cheryl Dragon. I have to say that I have read many firsts from Ms. Dragon now like m/m/f, m/m, f/f, and even a sci-fi female on robot. There is one thing all of these firsts have in common and that is they are all H-O-T and I enjoyed them all! Arresting Abby give a whole new meaning to strip search. For once I actually found myself wishing I was Abby. She got to experience her fantasy turn into a reality. I always clear myself time when I am going to read a Cheryl Dragon book because I know I will just keep reading the book till I finish it. Ms. Dragon has slayed my heart and won me over with her books. I hope to see many more firsts from Cheryl Dragon.


The Bookworm said…
great review!
sci-fi female on robot?? never thought of that before!lol I guess anythings possible.
darbyscloset said…
This does sound like a great Halloween read! You've been on a great roll lately....I don't know how you do it!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

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