Titanics Last Secrets

If you thought you knew everything there was about the Titanic then think again. Titanic’s Last Secrets gives readers a new; clean prospective on a famous tragedy that has captivated us all.

The dynamic team of Brad Matsen and deep sea divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler have teamed up to share their wealth of knowledge as well as in depth research on this well-known ship and in doing so they produced a wonderful book. John Chatterton and Richie Kohler travel to the wreckage of the Titanic to disprove a myth about what really happened that day.

Titanic’s Last Secrets is like a history lesson is supposed to be like… fun and exciting. From the first page, I got caught up in the anticipation as well as excitement to when Chatterton and Kohler first discovered something new about the Titanic that no one else had ever laid eyes on before. With Brad Matsen’s writing style, he made it so real that it was like I was there every step of the way. I appreciate the risks Chatterton and Kohler went though by risking their lives to bring truth and justice for all those innocent souls that perished for greed. For anyone that is fascinated with the history of the Titanic then this is the book for you, so pick up a copy of Titanic’s Last Secrets today. This is one book that will have people talking.


The Bookworm said…
I have heard of this one before, it sounds really interesting. The Titanic always grabbed my attention.
photoquest said…
This sounds like it's got alot of information in it i would love to pick up a copy of it. I loved the movie!

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