What do you think of sequels?

Tell me who you consider to be the master of suspense when it comes to producing these types of movies.

So I want to know what do you think of sequels? Do you love them, hate them, or should they ever be made and what about remakes of movies? What is your favorite horror/slasher movie or sequel? What about author.

My favorite author is Vincent Price. I remember years ago staying up late and watching a marathon of movies, starring Vincent Price.

There are so many scary movies to choice from now. Which one do you like the best? What about the gore factor.... do you have a weak stomach or don't faze you.


Ruth Schaller said…
Good morning Cheryl,

I just wanted to drop you a note saying that I've nominated you for the 'I Love Your Blog' Award.

Hop on over to www.ruthiesbookreviews.blogspot.com and check it out!
Becky LeJeune said…
Hm... best sequel. I don't know. They did a really great job with the Halloween sequel. I also really like Hellraiser 2, even though the effects are cheesy.

I don't have a weak stomach at all. I love gore, but I'm not such a big fan of the torture movie theme that's going around. I can handle Saw and Hostel when I have nothing else to watch!

Of the few that I have seen lately, I really loved Midnight Meat Train. I'm really looking forward to Quarantine this weekend as well.
Anonymous said…
I am not a big slasher fan, but I do love vamp movies...and ghost/demon ones. Sequels? I'm fine with them if it's as good as the original. :)
The Bookworm said…
great topic. As for sequels, sometimes they are good. I think my favorite horror sequels were the ones to Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elmstreet and Saw.
I'm not so big on gore, I do have a weak stomach and dont really
like torture films. I barely stomached the first 2 Saw films.


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