Book Giveaway

I am once again hosting another book giveaway courtesy of Hachette Book Group. Thank you

This time I am giving away 5 copies of Hollywood Crows By Joseph Wambaugh

Seduction, black-market booze, burglary, and murder-not your ordinary fare for a division of peacekeeping officers, but Hollywood isn't your ordinary town. When a couple of LAPD cops find themselves caught up with a certain femme fatale, they're in for trouble. Meet Margot Aziz, the beautiful, soon-to-be-ex wife of Ali Aziz, proprietor of a Sunset Boulevard strip club. Ali has his diamond-studded fingers in multiple shady business deals-and he wants his lovely wife dead. Enter Hollywood Nate Weiss, a cop hungry for stardom and looking for love. Nate works alongside a squad of L.A.'s finest, including a duo of suntanned surfer cops, two tenacious women officers, and a wily veteran. As they all discover, Hollywood always deceives you, and love always comes packing heat.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment with your email address and what your favorite Halloween candy is. I will pick the winners Halloween Day.

Open only to US and Canada and No PO Boxes. Thanks


Me... said…
Since I'm on a diet, I'm not going to utter the words of my favorite candies. But, I would still love to read this!

daq_17 at hotmail dot com
Mistress Meeyee said…
I am a fan of candy corn but I also love Smarties!
Anonymous said…
Candy corn or those little mallo pumpkins are my favorite Halloween candy. Enter me, please! milou2ster(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I love anything chocolate!

Kaye said…
Stouffers marshmallow pumpkins mmmmm mmmmm
Anonymous said…
One, I have to pick one? Hmmmmm....Hmmmm.....Hmmmmm....give me a minute here. Only one? You sure? Hmmmmm....Okay, if I can only list one, it would be the mini Butterfingers.
Angie said…
My favorite Halloween candy is Almond Joys!!

Hollywood Crows sounds exciting to read! LAPD officers exploring the seedy side of Hollywood!

Thanks for entering me!
Anonymous said…
I think i would have to say that my favorite Halloween candy would have to be Snickers bars but i really think anything covered in chocolatey goodness is great
cpullum said…
CANDY CORN!!!! Last year I bought 20 bags!!!
Wrighty said…
Gee, it is hard to only list one kind! I love chocolate but my favorite is probably Butterfingers, or maybe Milky Way. Now I'm hungry. Thanks so much for the offer!
Unknown said…
Peanut butter cup pumpkins and Snickers minis!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com
Miss Spoken said…
Black licorice
Icedream said…
My favorite candy now is cherry twizzlers. My tastes tend to change year to year. Thanks for a chance to win Hollywood Crows. I posted about this giveaway on my blog.
I love all Halloween candy!! But, I go crazy for mini Butterfingers and Snickers. ::drool::

Thanks for the chance to win!!!

bison61 said…
I love Hershey's Kisses

tiramisu392 (at)
kamewh said…
I love candy corn! Thank you for the giveaway!

kerin0874 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Patricia Altner said…
Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn!
Cheryl said…
Ohh you all have made my very hungry. I agree that anything chocolate is yummy but I do have to say my fav is butterfingers as well.

Good luck to you all
ChristyJan said…
I'd LOVE to win a copy of Hollywood Crows By Joseph Wambaugh!

hawkes (at)

My favorite Halloween candy is KIT KAT bars. Yum!
Becca said…
Please enter me. I would love a chance to win. My favorite candy are Whoppers, not just any malted milk balls will do. They have to be Whoppers. Thanks
windycindy said…
"Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!" I would appreciate being entered in your delightful book drawing. Many thanks to you.....Cindi
Rue said…
Favorite Halloween Candy...that's a tough one. Reeses PB Cups are great but so are 100 Grand I really have to pick just one? Okay, if forced, I'll go with 100 Grand bars (and sneak a Reeses or two out of my nephews' stashes)
Thanks for the chance to win.
ruthann (dot) francis (at) gmail (dot) com

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