Fatal Encryption

Here is another author I met on GoodReads. I have discovered so many new authors on GoodReads.

All Halloween’s night is a time when ghouls, goblins and mayhem ensues for one evening. No one knows how true that is other than Zachary Ternoway. Zach is stabbed to death in his home.

Alex Bellamy keeps wondering at what point things got so bad in his life that he is at a Halloween party dressed up as Kermit the Frog. Alex ends up taking a computer analyst job at McKinley’s Department Store. Someone has hacked into the store’s computer system and encrypted files. Alex investigates what someone was looking for and why all the secrecy. All of Alex’s digging around has ruffled some feathers. If Alex doesn’t watch his step he could end up like Zach.

Alex Bellamy is a good character to have in a mystery book. He is just a normal guy that I think readers can relate to and will cheer for to always come out on top. Fatal Encryption is the second Alex Bellamy mystery book. Fatal Encryption can definitely be read as a stand alone book. The only thing that Taxed to Death, the first book and Fatal Encryption have in common is that they both feature Alex Bellamy. I recently stumbled upon Debra Purdy Kong and so glad I did. She is a breath of fresh air. Fatal Encryption made me remember why mystery novels will always hold a dear place in my heart. This book had all the makings of the classic puzzle solving story but for the twenty-first century.

Check out Debra Purdy Kong's website at http://www.debrapurdykong.com/


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