One Perfect Day

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for sending me this book.

Nora Peterson, her husband Gordon and her twin children, Charlie and Christi were just like any other family. They had their arguments but they all loved each other. Nora, Charlie and Christi were preparing for Christmas. Gordon was stranded momentary due to weather. He was heading home from a business trip. The day was December 23. A day that Nora and her family will never forget. As the turn of events that take place this fatal day will change the lives of two families forever.

Jenna Montgomery and her daughter, Heather both knew how precious living every day to the fullest was. You see, Heather has heart problems and has been on the donors list for a while now. A miracle happens and Heather receives a new heart for Christmas.

I felt for both families as they struggled in different ways to get on with their lives. Lauraine Snelling has one of my favorite Christian authors. She brings a grace and fluidity to her stories. It has been a while since I have read one of her books. I have to say that after reading One Perfect Day I will be starting back up again with her books. She is a master storyteller. Mrs. Snelling’s books can be read and enjoyed by anyone. Just because she writes Christian books does not mean that she gets preachy in them. They do teach a lesson but they are lessons that we all can benefit from remembering and using in our everyday lives.


Anonymous said…
I've been seeing this one on a lot of blogs...lots of positive things are being said!

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