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I met Adam on Good Reads. When I was thinking up some gory, scary, suspenseful treats for the month of October I just knew Adam would be perfect as a guest on my blog. I asked him and he said yes.

I asked Adam to share information about the publishing company he and his friend, Eric started. Read what Adam had to say about Snuff Books.

Hey Cheryl,

Snuff Books was launched in July 2008 by myself and "Snuff" co-author Eric Enck. We're starting from scratch and taking things slowly, with only a few projects slated in the coming months.

Our first release - Joseph McGee's "The Reaper" - hit shelves (and online outlets) in late August, and features the first novelettes in The Reaper series as well as several short stories. Joe is an active member of the Horror Writer's Association (HWA) and up and coming horror master based out of Worcester, Ma.

Up next will be "Raw: Brutality as Art," a horror/bizarro anthology with a theme of violence in the arts. From cannibalistic chefs to surrealist human marionettes to brutal symphonies, "Raw" is a no-holds-barred, avant garde collection featuring stories from some of the best small-market authors and newcomers to the horror and bizarro genres. A full table of contents will be released early next month (October) and a November release is planned.

From there, we've got several other projects in the works and will be opening for full-length submissions in October.

The focus of the company is bringing to print the best brutal and bizarre literature around and eventually growing into a genre staple.

Keep it brutal, Adam Huber, Owner Snuff Books

P.S. Some websites: ("The Reaper" is also available on Amazon and B&

Launch Schedule

Joseph McGee's "The Reaper" - August 2008

"Raw: Brutality as Art" an anthology - Fall 2008

Eric Enck's "Blood, Blondes and Brunettes" - Winter 2009


Linda Jacobs said…
Thanks, Cheryl, I'll have to start looking for Snuff books.
Anonymous said…
WOW! This really sounds different!

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