In Too Deep

Gwendolyne Price is a librarian. They most action she has gotten in a long time has been from reading books. Recently Gwen has started receiving explicit, naughty notes and the only clue Gwen has is that they are signed by someone named Nemesis. The information in these notes are so raunchy that they make Gwen blush, it’s as if Nemesis knows all of Gwen’s desires. Will this game of cat and mouse get to be too much for Gwen or can she work up the nerves to meet Nemesis face to face?

Nemesis knows how to make even the quietest of women become a bad girl like Gwen. Gwen was one lucky lady to receive sex notes from Nemesis. Any guy who can make a woman blush from reading a note has got to be good looking and talented. Every time I start a Portia Da Costa book I finish it in a matter of hours. The stories are that good. As usual In Too Deep oozes so much sex appeal that it will have you yearning for more. I never have to look any farther then a Portia Da Costa book to get me in the mood. Portia Da Costa in my opinion is the queen of erotica. This is one author you will find yourself coming back to her books over and over again for a very long time.


The Bookworm said…
I have seen you post about her books before. She sounds like a great writer.

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