Mistress of Deception Earl

Mistress of Deception Earl by Kathleen Coddington, Cerridwen Press

Fleeing her half-brother Paolo after his attempt to have her murdered for her dowry, Isabella D'Angelo disguises herself as a boy and heads to her uncle in Rome. The journey ahead is full of danger and both her life and her reputation depend on her skills as a mistress of deception.

Marco Galleazzo is on his way to Rome on an important mission. When he saves Isabella from a group of drunken mercenaries, she begs him to take her with him. Even after he discovers his newly acquired body servant is really a woman, the fear in Isabella's eyes compels him to help her even as he fights his growing attraction to his mysterious companion.

During the long journey their mutual desire eventually ignites passions neither of them can deny. Isabella longs to tell Marco the truth about herself, but Paolo's treachery still haunts her. If she doesn't find the courage to trust Marco, the web of lies she's created is sure to destroy the love blossoming between them.

And in the middle of that web--Paolo waits.


cheryl, you and I have a lot in common bookwise : ) You have some really great reviews coming up! (Not to mention the ones you've already done)!

We peobably have a lot in common, besides books as well! Thanks for stoppin by the castle : )

I'll talk with you soon!
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