The Fabulous Debbie Wallace/Tory Richards!

I am so excited to have gotten the chance to interview Debbie Wallace/Tory Richards. Her blog is one of my favorite blogs to check out. Her latest book All in the Jeans has received great reviews, so check it out. Ok, now onto the fun stuff.

I appreciate you answering some questions.

Thanks for asking me to be here today.

Describe your books in one sentence.

Romances filled with on the edge of your seat suspense, wicked humor and breathless, sizzling sex.

Where do you draw your inspirations from? Who are your inspirations?

That’s a tough question, it all depends. It could be a place I’m vacationing, an incident, a dream, anything. I got my inspiration for “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES” from all the Law and Order I watch. “SOMEONE TO LOVE ME” when I went to Alaska. “AGAINST THE ODDS” came from a dream. “WICKED DESIRE”, due out in October under my pen name Tory Richards, takes place in the little town I’m from in Maine, around the China Lake area.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

It takes money to make money. And what is the worst? It takes money to make money.

If you were not a writer what would you be?

You mean besides a lucky woman with a loving, supportive and wonderful family? Nothing, I’m serious. I’ve been writing all my life, it’s in my blood, my heart.

I am curious on the process on how someone gets their book published. Do you submit your manuscripts to different publishers or editors? Do you get to choose who you want to publish with?

You don’t choose your publisher, they choose you. You might query them first and they might request your manuscript but they have to like it, don’t they. As a rule you submit to one publisher at a time. Then you wait for their response, it’s a good time to start that next book. You could submit to several publishers before finding one who’s interested in publishing your book.

What made you decide to put most of your books in E-book format?

There are several reasons I like epublishers. Their guidelines aren’t nearly as strict as the traditional publishing houses. The wait to hear back from them is less than half the time. They get your books out to the public faster. You don’t have to print out your manuscript and mail them out, everything is done on line. Plus it’s the future!

What are your heroes and heroines like?

Tough as nails, steely eyed alpha hunks with all the right moves to please their women. My heroines are spunky, passionate and not afraid to fight for their men.

I read that you like to collect antiques. What is the most unique piece you own and from where?

Maybe not so unique but I have a large picture of my great grandmother taken in 1887, in the original frame. I found it in a dark corner of a closet in my grandmother’s farm house, right before they burned it down to rebuild. The most unique piece I’ve ever owned was a wood statue of the Christ child, about life size. It was auctioned off at Sotheby’s.

What did you do with the money from your first sale?

Paid for a colored ad in Romantic Times Magazine and bought myself a paper cutter.

Your blog states that you once raced your car 110 miles. What was that like and did you get in trouble?

This one makes me grin. I had just picked up a hitch hiker; this was back in the 70’s when that kind of thing wasn’t as dangerous as today. Anyway, I was going down this two-lane road that was about to become one-lane. The person driving the car beside me started to speed up to get in front of me before the road ran out, before I knew it we were racing side by side, each trying to be first. There was a hill coming up in front of us, right where the road turned into one lane. I pushed my car up to 110 miles before I was able to pass the other car just as the road ran out. Dumb thing to do but I was young and reckless. As soon as we got over the hill safely my hitch hiker asked to be let out.

What do you plan to do with your summer?

I really haven’t made any plans. It’s too hot here in Florida to do anything.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

I appreciate you interviewing me, it was fun! If anyone wants to check out my books visit my websites or blog at or or

Hope you all had fun reading my interview with Debbie Wallace/Tory Richards. She has offered up one lucky reader a chance to win an electronic copy of one of her books. Your choices are "ALL THE RIGHT MOVES", "AGAINST THE ODDS", OR "SOMEONE TO LOVE ME".

Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner Monday and let you know how to claim your prize. Thanks again for
stopping by and come back real soon.


Sarita Leone said…
What a great interview! I didn't know you collect antiques, Debbie. I'm a sucker for an antiques shop, too. Or an old barn with lots of dusty, forgotten stuff in it. Maybe someday we could go browsing together!

Have a nice weekend! :)
Tory Richards said…
Thanks Sarita! Ever been to Mt. Dora? There's a huge antique flea market there, Renningers? Probably spelled that wrong. It's been years since I've been out there. When I had my antique business I used to do shows out there on the weekends.

Give me the old dusty barn or outdoor sale any day, you tend to get better deals.
Anonymous said…
I have heard about this author through Great review!
wow Debbie and I thought I knew a lot about you! Tomatos and antiques and racing cars! What a life woman! : ) As always it was a pleasure hearing about you and your work and I wish you all the luck and success in the world!

Thank you for sharing! And Cheryl, thank, you for conducting such a wonderful interview and pulling out some juicy information. Hitchhikers?...Speeding...I learn something new every day!

Love ya
Anonymous said…
Nice. I drove 165 once and it was intense!
Anonymous said…
Well, with that description of your books, they sound just like my cup of tea...hehe!!!

Great interview!!

Nancy Bristow said…
The descriptive sentence about Debbie's books peaked my interest....Nancy
The Bookworm said…
great interview :)
I hadnt heard about this author before, I'm off to check her blog now.
Cathy M said…
Hi Debbie, I am slowly making my way thru your book list and really like the way you portray your hero/heroines.
Asylumgirl said…
Hi Debbie! I love antiques too. Have they or will they ever play a role in your books?

Tory Richards said…
Hi Kaye! You're from Author Island, too? Doesn't DeNita have a terrific site?

Glad you enjoyed the interview, Cheryl did a great job.
Tory Richards said…
Amy, you do get around girl! LOL I'm full of surprises:)You ain't heard nothing yet!

Glad to see you here, sweetie.
Tory Richards said…, where were you going Annette?
Tory Richards said…
Thanks Valerie! How about some chocolate with that tea? LOL Chocolate goes with everything, especially a good romance.
Tory Richards said…
Hey Nancy, my website and blog might peak your interest a little more:) I hope you check them out when you get a chance.
Tory Richards said…
Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment, Naida. I checked out your blog, too. VERY interesting. You're certainly a book lover!
Tory Richards said…
Glad to hear that Cathy. What kind of books do you like to read?
Tory Richards said…
Of course Deidre. Antiques and animals are a part of my life and I manage to work them in most of my books.

What kind of antiques do you like? I go in for the more primitive, country style.
Anonymous said…
Awesome interview!!
Ashley A
Anonymous said…
Awesome interview!!
Ashley A
Caffey said…
I loved reading the interview with Debbie! I love to look at the clothing, art, photos, etc from Regencies to those set a few years ago! But I've never collected any antiques. I just love to look (and read them, especially historicals).
It was a joy to read your interview!

Debbie, you have a site for your books under Tory Richards? I had no idea you were writing under another name (more to look forward to!) Also Debbie, any genre and/or theme you haven't written yet that you'd like to?
Tory Richards said…
Hey Caffey, I'd love to write a vampire romance some time. I have a historical that I typed on a manual typewriter a hundred years ago that I might one day put on the computer and revise.

Yes, I had to come up with a pen name for my erotic romances. The site url is Check it out:)

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