Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club

Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club Maggie Marr

Cici, Lydia, Jessica and Mary Anne once again struggle to maintain their place at the top of the A-List.

Hollywood Girls Club #2CrownApril 2008

Featuring: Ted Robinoff; Cici Solange

272 pages

ISBN: 0307346315

EAN: 9780307346315


Celeste Solange, actress, is finding tiny lines near her eyes and is desperate to keep under wraps her sex tape and maintain her relationship with Ted Robinoff. Mary Anne Meyers, screenwriter, started dating Hollywood hotty Holden Humprhey and is being watched by everyone in America including Holden's stalker. Jessica Caulfield-Fox manager/producer attempts to juggle career, marriage and being a mom. Lydia Albright studio-head started getting creepy notes and someone is trying to blackmail her. And Kiki Dee, publicist, seems to have a hand in all the secrets and she's will to do anything to keep her spot at the top of the Hollywood PR machine. Can the Hollywood Girls Club hold their lives, their romances and get a film made amid all the craziness?


Becky LeJeune said…
Yay! Sounds like a great beach book, or just a read outside on the porch book - if it would stop snowing for good here, that is.
Cheryl said…
Keep checking back for more details on how to win a signed copy.
Anonymous said…
This is great info to know.

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