Book Review: A Tangle of Tusks


All that glitters is not gold.

Faerhan, motherland of the Seelie.

Fayra, a paper-pusher at the New Orc police precinct, can no longer hide her feelings for Special Ops Tyke.

She tried, though.

And failed miserably.

Fay knows she shouldn't be talking to him, shouldn't be seeing him. And she knows she certainly shouldn't be sleeping with him.

Tyke. An orc… the wretch of society.

And yet, how could she not? He's everything her heart longs for, the perfect key to lock out her grief—her most insidious secret.

Nevertheless, her mind is ruthless, its monster of sorrow raging from every crevice.

As she attempts to hide it under a blanket woven with social specism and mental struggles, shadows of war encroach over New Orc.

Despite the violence and secrecy, Fay and the rest of monsterkind continue to live their lives, fending ignorance, mostly in denial of a brutal past.

Unfortunately, one can only delay the inevitable, and the table is soon set with life-changing choices: accept or resist the fate that entangles them.

And so the gamble is on. While navigating through a society rife with prejudice, Fayra and Tyke have no idea about a more dangerous force lurking in the dark—a blood-lusting threat, not only winged but hatched by claws and fangs.

It won't back down from its prey… especially when it is not only cute, loving, and sensitive, but far more than meets the eye.

My Review

This is not a book but a tome. It is massive. Yet, it never felt like a chore to read. Instantly, I was immersed into the world and characters that Sasha created. The story was giving me urban fantasy vibes. Which in my mind is dark and gritty. 

Right away the story jumped into Fay and Tyke. Um, yes! These two are hot and heavy but they also have an on and off again relationship. Yet, the makeup s@x is Spicy! If you have not read an Orc romance, you are missing out. They are well endowed. When Tyke used his claws to rip Fay's clothing off. 

While, this may be about Fay and Tyke, all of the other cast of characters are great as well. For example, Fay's roommate, Donna. She had Fay's back and the fact that she walked in on Fay and Tyke numerous times and did not bat an eyelash was funny. Can't wait to read book two. 


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