Book Review: Pretty Little Tease


It’s a harmless way for a college student to make extra money… until it isn’t.

I’m careful not to show my face, so why do I feel like I’m being watched when the camera turns off?

No one should know who I am or be able to find me, but they do, and things quickly spiral out of control.

The two unhinged men who fill my cam chat with all the deplorable things they want to do to me are closer than I think. To them I’m just a pretty little tease, and their obsession turns into something so much more than I bargain for.

I should have run away when they found me, because now it’s too late for me to be anything except theirs.

Pretty Little Tease is a 100k+ word dark romance standalone where the heroine never has to choose between her professor and classmate. It includes MMF, MFM, MM, and mature content. To see a full list of possible triggers, use the look inside feature of the book.

My Review

The title of this book is appropriate as A.J. did just that by "teasing" me with a spicy read. The build up between Blair, Oliver, and Rook got me all hot and bothered. I loved this book so much. I started it early in the morning and was already twenty percent in before I made myself put it down so that I could get in one hour of sleep before my alarm went off. However, once the workday was over, you can bet I picked this book up again and finished it.

If you asked me to pick a favorite between the two men, i would plead the fifth as I can't. I liked them both for different reasons. Oliver for his more jokester/taunting attitude and Rook for his studious one. Rook gives the teacher/student age gap vibes. Yet, both men share strong love for Blair. Make sure to grab a copy of this book as you don't want to miss it!


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