Book Review: All the Light of the Sun


And my love for you burns brighter
than all the light of the sun…

After the tragic death of her husband, Ilaria hides her grief in anonymous lovers. Until her reckless behavior clashes with her authoritarian elder brother. Presented with the unusual opportunity to leave home and see the world, Ilaria can’t refuse. Maybe the distance will finally allow her broken heart to heal.

Sebastian devoted his life to the sea, until he is unanimously elected as the Chieftain of his clan. Taking over the place that once belonged to his brother, Sebastian will do anything to prove his worth, including losing his own happiness.

A chance meeting between Ilaria and Sebastian on the docks ignites a fiery passion they didn’t expect. When faced with a devastating loss and terrible secrets, will they finally find the love neither of them thought possible?

*This book is intended for mature audiences 18+ only as it contains sexually explicit scene and language. Check front of book for CW/TW

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry between Ilaria and Sebastian. They shared very spicy intimate moments. You could feel the passion but what they shared was also on an emotional level. The only person that wanted to spoil this for them is Ilaria's brother, Antony. He is a jerk. Luckily, Ilaria grew more confident with herself and realized that she needed to do things for herself.

While I did like the first half of this book, it was the second half that I enjoyed more. It seemed like the storyline was more prominent besides all the sexy time. Not that I am complaining as I love my spice. Yet, I just felt like with the latter half the other characters' roles were really revealed. I look forward to reading the second book as I am intrigued if that person can really find love.


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