Book Review: A Cursed Throne


I am my mother’s daughter. Princess, born to an angel. Who also happens to be The Queen of Hell, and Leader of the Legion, the group of fallen angels that divided Heaven.

But I am also my father’s progeny. Daughter of a daemon. Sired when his blood was half mortal after the Devil shot him and tried to claim my mother.

The spirit of Heaven, fires of Hell, and blood of mankind runs through my veins, along with the destiny to either rule or destroy those kingdoms. The crown I was born with is heavy. My powers, beyond that which created the universe. But neither have ever felt a burden thanks to Declan, Kai, and Luca.

For as long as I can remember it’s been the four of us. One mortal, two children of the Fallen, and an heir like no other. Bound by an unconventional childhood, we were best friends, and they were my world. But in the blink of an eye they were gone, cutting me out of their life as if I never mattered at all.

So I did what I had to do. I left them, and our shared world behind, and started a new one. Keeping their three traitorous hearts, far from my own.

It’s been three years since the last time we saw each other, and I haven’t forgotten or forgiven. It’s time to come home and get even.

Angel, daemon, mortal…the blood of all three is in me. I am the heir of each bloodline. But when it comes to power, there is none greater than a heart scorned.

A Cursed Throne is a why-choose romance, meaning the main female character gains multiple love interests over the course of the series. It is the first book of three in the second phase of the After the Fall Universe. It is not necessary to read phase one, but highly recommended. This series has dark elements and themes that may be triggering for some readers, including strong language and sexual situations.

My Review

I loved the first two books in this series. I was very excited to read this one as it featured Nev, Dante and Diablo's daughter. D.M. did not disappoint with this book. It has everything that I loved about the other books...engaging characters, steamy spice, and a great storyline. Also, it was nice to see Dante and Diablo make appearances in this book as well.

Nev definitely takes after her mother, Diablo. She is strong willed and is showing leadership skills. She is lucky to have support in the form of three sexy male friends, Declan, Luca, and Kai. While Nev and Declan shared past history, you could tell that there is still a lot of love between them. The angst was felt throughout this book. I am looking forward to seeing it grow even more with the next book.


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