Book Review: Her Gentle Giant


Moose suffered a profound loss, bringing this fierce Army Ranger to his knees. Now raising two children, he's reeling and will need the support of his fellow Jackson Ridge residents now more than ever. The last thing he needs is five-foot-nothing, curvy, and skittish Patricia Roberts barging into his life and making him... feel things. Patricia is hiding something, and Moose is determined to find out what it is.

Patricia's scared. She's got herself wound so tight that she's unsure where to turn. Just when she's lost all hope and thinks she has nowhere to turn. She's invited into the folds of Jackson Ridge. Will this be her saving grace? Or will she leave running scared?

My Review

This newest book from author, Nalani hits a lot of the tropes that I like of single dad, enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine. In the beginning Moose lived up to the persona of being "Grumpy Hulk". He really did have to show Patricia/Trish that he was a softie at heart. Although, it was not all his fault as Trish was dealing with an ex-abuse boyfriend.

Luckily, Trish had Moose on her side. The romance between these two was a slow burn. it did not start until later into the story. It started with a kiss and then just escalated from there. The steam is hot. I really fell for Moose, once he really opened up. When I imagine male protector leads, I envision someone like him. Looking for your next grumpy/sunshine romantic read, then you need to pick up a copy of Her Gentle Giant by Nalani Titcomb!


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