Book Review: Love on the Catwalk


Up-and-coming fashion designer, Kayli Couture, is ready to walk her own path in the fashion industry and finally go after her desires—that includes voluptuous model, Summer Richardson. Since first seeing her sashay across a stage, Kayli knew her heart would never be the same. Now if she can only set aside her shyness and insecurities when it comes to opening that heart to the possibility of love.

My Review

I am a fan of Laura's. This newest book is a nice treat. Readers wanting to try a ff romance should check out this book. Love on the Catwalk is a sweet romance with dashes of spice!

Laura makes all of her characters feel like real people. So that as soon as you start reading, you are fully invested in them and their story. Additionally, I also love that this book was so diverse in the characters. There are not enough stories that feature curvy women.

I felt the spark that Kayli and Summer shared. It was hot and it only grew hotter once these two women got together.


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