Woman with a Gun is a must, must read!

Another great book by the extremely talented, Mr. Margolin. This is my third book that I have read by this author. Every book that he comes out with is a must read for me. I can't wait to get my hands on his books. Mr. Margolin infuses his characters with such life and makes the stories that he is writing so personal that I just fall for the characters and their story. Just like Mr. Margolin I too was very intrigued by the title of this book and the book cover. I wanted to know more about the mystery woman in the photo and what secret she held.

I liked the way the author went smoothly from present, past and back to the present. I kept trying to figure out the truth before the author revealed it to me. Sadly, I was not able to uncover the secret before it was time. The way the author wrote the story was very smart. He never revealed anything. He had a good poker face. I can't wait to see what inspiration the author finds next for his next book. Woman with a Gun is a must, must read!


Mystica said…
Thanks for the enthusiastic review.

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