The Christmas Cat

After years abroad, Garrison Brown returns home to Vancouver to build a new life. When his beloved grandmother passes away a few weeks before Christmas, Garrison goes to her house to sort out her belongings, including six cats who need new homes. While Garrison hopes to dispense with the task quickly, his grandmother's instructions don't allow for speed. She has left Garrison with some challenging requirements for the future homes of her furry friends--plus a sizeable monetary gift for the new owners. Garrison's job is to match the cats with the right owners without disclosing the surprise gift. Along the way, he may just meet someone who can make him stay.

Humorous and heartwarming, this latest Christmas story from bestselling author Melody Carlson is the perfect gift for pet lovers and anyone in whose heart Christmas holds a special place.

Review by Blanche Mancuso

I have read several books by this author and enjoyed them. I guess you could say that I am a fan of this author. This was a very cute book. I had fun reading it and the characters just came alive for me and held a special place in my heart. Plus, I am a huge cat fan so this was an extra bonus to read this book. All of the cats were stars. I could not pick a favorite one as I loved them all for different reasons. The romance in the book was just right. Not too much or too little. I rate this book a 5+. You need to read this book to learn about all the different cats and their stories as well.


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