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The Truth is No Fairy Tale.
I am not the sort of person about whom stories are told. Those of humble birth suffer their heartbreaks and celebrate their triumphs unnoticed by the bards, leaving no trace in the fables of their time....

And so begins Elise Dalriss's story
When she hears her great-granddaughter recount a tale about a beautiful princess awakened by a handsome prince, it pushes open a door to the past, a door Elise has long kept locked. For Elise was the companion to the real princess who slumbered - and she is the only one left who knows the truth of what happened so many years ago.

As the memories start to unfold, Elise is plunged back in to the magnificent world behind the opulent palace walls. Fleeing a hardscrabble existence and personal tragedy, she builds a new life for herself as a servant to the royal family and quickly rises within the castle hierarchy. As Elise proves herself a loyal confidante, she is drawn into the lives of an extraordinary cast of women: a beautiful queen who wakes each morning with tears on her pillow, an elderly spinster who in heartache shuts herself away, a princess who yearns to be free, and the ambitious and frightening sister who cannot accept the fact that she will never rule. Elise has guarded their secrets - and her own - for a lifetime. While Beauty Sleeps is her story.

In this rich and compelling novel of love and terror, friendship and fate, we are introduced to a heroine of extraordinary determination - the true heart of a legend - who reveals what it really takes to reach happily ever after.

My Review

I have read many adaptions on fairy tale stories which is starting to make a stronger appearance in the book world. I love this. Fairy tales always make for good reading. Plus I like to see how creative the author can get with these tales. However I have to say that I really liked the way that Mrs. Blackwell put her own twist on this classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. It did not feel like a remake but like the original. I like how Mrs. Blackwell made Beauty human like as if she really did exist in this way. There was not a lot of fancy gimmicks with this book just a story of love...parents love and true love. Of course there was also a happy ending with a bit of a twist. I look forward to reading more books by this author and hope the author writes more fairy tale ones.


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