Shake Puppies

This highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling book Shake features more than 130 photographs of adorable puppies. This brilliant, brightly colored collection truly captures the squishy cuteness of a puppy—its tousled fur, floppy ears, and endearing expression—in the moment when our tiny, wide-eyed companion is mid-shake.

In addition to its vibrant photographs, Shake Puppies includes a message of support for animal rescue and creating an environment in which all dogs, young or old, can succeed in their new homes. Training tips are included to help dog owners achieve this goal. There is also a roster listing the names and ages of all the dogs featured, as well as a peek into Carli Davidson's studio.

Having spent over seven years of her life working animal care and training at zoos and wildlife centers, Carli is adept at communicating with wildlife. This allows her to capture impressive images of animals in any kind of scenario you or your client can think of. 
She took her first darkroom class in a lowly closet in her high school, and she and her best friend spent their freshman year printing overdramatic photos of each other in graveyards.
In 2011 her series Shake became a worldwide success, garnering her millions of website hits and putting her firmly on the map as a top animal photographer. She currently lives in Portland OR with her husband Tim and her pets Norbert and Yushi as well as a rotating cast of foster dogs.

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My Review

OMG. This book is a keeper. I could not stop flipping through it over and over again. Carli is a great photographer. She brought out the cuteness of these puppies. Well not that it was hard to do but she really captured their personalities. All the faces that they made kept a smile on my face the whole time I was flipping through this book. Plus, I loved the crazy eyes that the puppies had. Then there were some puppies that were really into the shaking that they were coming up off the floor. There is about every different type of breed of dog in this book for everyone to find one to love. I showed this book to my husband and he was laughing as well. Another thing that I really liked about this book is that the author is passionate about dogs. She explains the importance between getting a puppy and an adult dog if you are looking for a companion. This is important information. Also at the back of the book, she gives five tips on how to train your dog. Also good information. I have used it for training all my dogs and it does work. Patience is key.


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