The Genome

"The Genome" is a new science fiction thriller by the author of the bestselling Night Watch series.In the far-future world of Alexander Romanov, humankind is divided into "naturals" and "speshes"--those who have been genetically modified to serve a specific purpose. Alex is a master pilot capable of maneuvering the dangerous realm of space by communicating directly with his ship. He is about to take on the most mysterious and challenging mission of his life when he happens upon Kim, a teenage girl with a desperate secret. Out of a sense of friendship, he agrees to help her, but this decision will end in conflict and tragedy for dozens of worlds. My Review I have never heard or read anything by this author. I just thought this book sounded good. After reading this book I do want to go back and check out Night and Day Watch. Also after reading this book I realized that I need to read more sci-fi books. I have been lucky thus far and every single one that I have picked up I have really enjoyed. I have been fascinated by science and space. I used to watch X-Files and I am a Trekkie fan. That is lingo for Star Trek for thoses who are not familiar. Anyways back to the book. The world that the author built was cool. Although I have to say that I did grow tried quickly of everyone calling each other spesh. I got it. There are humans and there are spesh and then there are others not of this world. Yet, I did not feel like everyone needed to use spesh when addressing someone by their name. For half of the book it was talking and the mission went smoothly. In other words not a lot of action. Yet again what it lacked in action it made up for in the and interesting characters.


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