Kitchen Love Story: A Female Cabinetmaker's Guide to Designing a Kitchen You Will Love!

'This book was created to start a revolution!' -Camille Finan Gone are the days of the traditional, ridiculously expensive kitchen remodel that's more form than function. Yes, you can have a new, beautiful, functional kitchen at a reasonable price! Camille Finan will show you how. Kitchen Love Story was written for women by a woman. Licensed contractor and cabinet builder Camille Finan, is your personal kitchen construction advocate. Throughout the book, Camille shares lessons from years of experience building and remodeling kitchens. She will inspire and empower you to solve those kitchen conundrums that drive you nuts as you create and execute a plan that is both practical and affordable. You'll get the answers to these questions and more: -Where do I start, what's DFIO and why is it so important? -Can my kitchen feel 'high end' without breaking my budget? -What's worth the money and what's not? How do I avoid being ripped off? -How do I hire contractors, sign contracts and develop an 'escape plan?' -What should I expect during the remodel experience? -How do I make sure it got done correctly? In your hand are the tools you need to get unstuck, make the right decisions for your kitchen remodel and make it happen. You can do this! Camille Finan will lead the way.

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My Review

I am not a person that is really that big on redecorating. I mean I like the idea but I don't really have the will power to want to do something I see in a magazine. Yet, I still like to read articles and get ideas. Wow, this book was really good. The author wrote everything in easy, understandable language and in organized fashion. I like that the author really did her research. She listed out all the different items that I would need to pick up at any hardware store. Which I like as some books list items that I have never heard of and are costly. The author was thinking of her readers being on a budget. So she was very thoughtful in this way. No hiring a contractor. All I need are my own two hands, some money, and time. If anything after reading this book, I was very inspired to start reorganizing my kitchen. I realized that I am not using it to the fullest potential. I see an upcoming weekend project for me to do.


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